How does The ComMOVEity work?
  • The ComMOVEity uses Patreon (www.patreon.com) as a platform provider. Patreon is a trusted and well-known platform provider for artists, creators, musicians and other creatives. Patreon provides the payment service and membership administration, as well as the platform to share the educational content with you.
What is a Discord server?
  • The Discord server is the medium which helps us to create personal exchange and a community and is connected to our Patreon page. On http://www.discord.com you can easily create an account for yourself and join our community server. We have different channels on there, such as inspirations, discussion, open questions, book recommendations, etc. where you can ask questions, help others and participate actively.
How does my membership payment work?
  • Depending on the Patreon tier you choose, you pay for the respective monthly membership upfront via the Patreon page. You can cancel your membership on a monthly basis, so you don’t have to worry that you sign a membership contract for several months or a year.
How does it work with guest content?
  • Each guest provides between three and five posts per month for the platform. These can be PDF files, text, pictures, videos or the combination of any – whatever works best for the respective content topic. On the Patreon page, you can like and comment under each post.
What is the monthly Q&A with the guests?
  • Once a month we collect your questions on the Discord server and discuss these with the guests. If you are part of the Discord server and the community, you can join the live Q&A and be part of it.
Can I have an influence on the content that is posted on the platform?
  • Yes, to some extent. In order to provide you with the best possible content, we regularly organize surveys and polls on the platform. Based on the results, we try to bring new guests on board. However, we cannot dictate what guests will post on the platform.
Are there any other specials?
  • Yes, additionally to the guest phases of two months each, we are doing self-projects within the community for four weeks afterwards. To digest the posted content on a deeper level, we guide you through the process of defining, creating and executing your own personal project. Furthermore, in addition to the monthly Q&A’s, we are hosting online discussion rounds about specific topics that came up in the Discord server and we have a small book club that you can join.