Sebastian Bohorquez (Oct & Nov 2022)

Sebastian is a movement practitioner and teacher currently based in Colombia. He has practiced Movement for nearly three years now and began his journey when he moved to Australia after finishing his degree in Exercise Science back in 2019. 

He dedicated his first two years and a half to living out of his car and traveling across Australia learning from the best movement teachers he could find.

He is now in his home country, Colombia, setting up a Movement House. Here, he plans to offer other practitioners and teachers a place to stay where they can fully immerse themselves in a different environment and culture to further progress on with their practice and teachings. His training currently revolves around environmental practices and a bit of strength training. He enjoys moving out in the open and use simple tools and surroundings to evolve his practice . 

His main goal is to share a few things he has learned through the years. That’s is: 

  1. The importance of the Spine. How and why it’s important to constantly move it and how this affects other areas of training. 
  2. A few basic locomotion patterns and how we can practice the Three I’s (isolate, integrate, improvise)
  3. Journaling. Why this is fundamental in your training. How he tracks this process and keeps note of all the things he has learned from his previous teachers and his own practice.