Sarah Isabel Mohr (Jun & Jul 2022)

Sarah is a traveling artist based in Hamburg, Germany, dedicated to connecting to researchers within the field of dance, movement/the mind, and body psychology.

Sarah is a dance teacher who studied contemporary dance, is a Stott Pilates Instructor, and works as a movement therapist. As a teacher, she strengthens the bodies of professional classical and modern dancers to achieve peak performance through mental and emotional clarity. Within the past 13 years, she has taught her approach to dance to people all around Germany. In addition, she supports women with eating disorders to build meaningful relationships in their own lives through their bodies.

At the core of her work lies her passion for connection:
– Connecting to the individuality of the development of mind and body.
– Associating with movement, self-expression, and awareness.
– Honing in on the relationship between strength, intuition and trust.

Sarah’s primary focus is developing a coaching program to unfold what is meaningful to the individual through their bodies in movement. Her work aims to assist people in manifesting a sustainable and dream lifestyle.

Three main pillars of her coaching are:
– To reveal people’s talents and how to deploy them.
– To work with one’s environment.
– To express one’s truth through creativity.
To learn how to self-govern.