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Guest Preview

Sebastian Bohorquez (Oct & Nov 2022)

Sebastian is a movement practitioner and teacher currently based in Colombia. He has practiced Movement for nearly three years now and began his journey when he moved to Australia after finishing his degree in Exercise Science back in 2019.  He dedicated his first two years and a half to living out of his car and traveling across Australia learning from the best movement teachers he could find. He is now in his home country, Colombia, setting up a Movement House. Here, he…

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Daniel Gabor (Jun & Jul 2022)

Daniel is a movement and health practitioner based on the coast of the Baltic sea in Germany. The focus of his work revolves around optimizing health, and his holistic approach includes diet, nutrition, lifestyle, movement, environment, and several other factors. With his work, he wants to help and educate other people to empower them to take back control of their health and achieve their goals and optimal life.Besides working online he teaches and coaches kids to improve their physical skills and…

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Sarah Isabel Mohr (Jun & Jul 2022)

Sarah is a traveling artist based in Hamburg, Germany, dedicated to connecting to researchers within the field of dance, movement/the mind, and body psychology.Sarah is a dance teacher who studied contemporary dance, is a Stott Pilates Instructor, and works as a movement therapist. As a teacher, she strengthens the bodies of professional classical and modern dancers to achieve peak performance through mental and emotional clarity. Within the past 13 years, she has taught her approach to dance to people all…

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Franziskus Hielscher (Mar & Apr 2022)

Franz ist a Berlin based movement practitioner, researcher and educator. He currently teaches movement off- and online, educates coaches under his brand Strange Of Motion as well as for the ATG For Coaches brand of Kneesovertoesguy. After starting with gymnastics, calisthenics, parkour as well as strength and conditioning he explored various fields of movement during the last 12 years to build a broader foundation. Besides creating educational material around movement, he started his own software development company which builds tools…

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Daniel Peters (Mar & Apr 2022)

Daniel is a movement teacher and practitioner from Germany. He is the founder of the The ComMOVEity and is currently researching underlying physical principles that are present within the movement practice as well as concepts that are helpful to foster a learning environment. Furthermore, he teaches Summer Camps that aim to explore the topics of Philosophy, Meditation, Life Principles and the mental & physical comfort zones of the people. Daniel has a desire for abstract, theoretical ideas and to transform…

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Wil Brown (Jan & Feb 2022)

Wil is a movement teacher and practitioner from Brighton, UK. He is the founder of the London Movement Group (LMG) and has a huge amount of knowledge in the fields of strength training, handstands, flexibility, climbing, acrobatics and Parkour. Wil’s analytical approach, an incredible amount of physical abilities in all fields of movement and several years of online and in-person teaching experience under his belt make him a great teacher. His content will be about developing a physical practice on…

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Jonathan Schmid (Jan & Feb 2022)

Jonathan is a movement teacher and practitioner from the south of Germany. His work ethic is very educational and deep as well as his online support learning resources with over 1300 videos on YouTube and dozens of documents about strength training, recovery, meditation, breathing, nutrition and much more. Jonathan’s work not only considers the physical side of things, but also topics that go beyond this, such as philosophy and principles to live by, which makes his teaching integral. He will…

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Nil Teisner (Nov & Dec 2021)

Nil is a Munich based teacher and practitioner, creator of online courses about mobility, acrobatics and handstands, as well as founder of his popular Finding Flow workshops he teaches all over Europe. After following a general physical practice for a long time, he dove deeper into the field of acrobatics & dance in the last few years. His past work with Tom Weksler and his autodidactic way of acquiring knowledge make him a top-level teacher. So, if you are interested…

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Ludwig Hefele (Nov & Dec 2021)

Ludwig is a Parkour & movement teacher and practitioner from Munich. He teaches Parkour at Freedom of Arts Munich, is part of Emmet Louis’ online coaching team and he offers online coaching with specific focus on strength, flexibility and handstands. One arm handstands, one arm chin-up’s, stalder presses, full splits, a flowy Parkour style and a diligent work ethic make him truly special. If you are interested in strength training, mobility & flexibility and handstand topics, his content might be…

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